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As all of us know, to talk with someone we want a positive language, similar to talk with computer systems, programmers additionally want a language known as a programming language.

A programming language is a pc language that a programmer (developer) makes use of to talk with a pc. It is a fixed of commands written in any unique language (C, C ++, Java, Python) to carry out a particular task.

These languages allow computer systems to manner big and complicated streams of statistics speedy and efficiently. For example, if someone is given a listing of random numbers from one to 10 thousand and requested to kind them in ascending order, they’ll maximum possibly do so takes a long term and consists of a few mistakes.

Assembly and device languages are “low-degree” and require the programmer to explicitly manage all of the idiosyncratic traits of the facts shop and the running traits of the pc examine through programmers.

Types of programming language

1. Low-level programming language

Low-level languages are device structured programming languages (zero and 1). Processors execute low-degree applications without delay without a compiler or interpreter, so applications written in low-degree languages can execute very speedy. 

Low-level languages are divided into 2  parts.

i. Machine Language

A device language is a sort of low-degree programming language. Also referred to as device code or item code. Machine language is less difficult to examine due to the fact additionally it is displayed in binary or hexadecimal (base 16) format. No translator is needed to transform this system; due to the fact the pc without delay is familiar with device language applications. 

The gain of a device language is that it facilitates programmers run applications quicker than high-degree programming languages.

ii. Assembly Language

Assembly language (ASM) is likewise a sort of low-degree programming language designed for unique processors. It is a fixed of commands which are symbolic and comprehensible to humans. Use meeting language to transform meeting language to device language. 

The language is that it takes much less reminiscence and much less execution time to run a application.

2. High-level programming language

The High Level Programming Language (JAWA) is designed to broaden user-pleasant web sites and applications. This programming language calls for a compiler or interpreter to translate this system into device language (run this system).

The predominant benefits of high-degree languages are that they’re clean to examine, write, and maintain.

High-degree programming languages encompass Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C #, C ++, Objective C, Cobol, Perl, Pascal, LISP, FORTRAN, and the Swift programming language.

3. Middle-level programming language

A middle-level programming language sits among a low-degree programming language and a high-degree programming language. It is also known as an intermediate programming language and a pseudo language.

The gain of a middle-degree programming language is that it helps high-degree programming capabilities, is simple to apply, and is carefully associated with device and human languages. 

Example: C, C ++, language

Most normally used Programming Language

As all of us know, programming languages make our lives less difficult. Nowadays, all fields (like education, hospitals, banks, automobiles, etc.) are absolutely depending on programming languages. 

Dozens of programming languages are used throughout industries. The following are normally used programming languages.

1. Python

Python is one of the maximum broadly used clean-to-use programming languages. It is an clean-to-examine open supply programming language advanced withinside the Nineties and mostly utilized in device learning, synthetic intelligence, huge facts, GUI-primarily based totally computer programs, and robots.


  • Python is simple to examine, understand, and write. 
  • It integrates with different programming languages consisting of C, C ++ and Java
  • Python executes code line through line, making it less difficult for programmers to locate insect’s withinside the code.
  • Python is platform structured, this means that you may come as soon as and run it anywhere.


  • Python isn’t appropriate for growing cellular programs and games. 
  • Python works with an interpreter, so it’s far slower than different programming languages consisting of C and C ++.

2. Java

Java is easy, steady, platform-unique, robust, and architecture-impartial high-degree programming language advanced through Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java is presently owned through Oracle. It is particularly used for banking development, retail, statistics technology, Android, huge facts, studies community, internet apps and computer apps.


  • Java could be very clean to write, compile, examine and debug as compared to different programming languages. 
  • Provides the cap potential to run the identical application on unique platforms. 
  • It is a fairly steady programming language due to the fact Java does now no longer have the idea of specific pointers. 
  • Can carry out numerous obligations on the identical time.


  • Java consumes greater reminiscence and is slower than different programming languages consisting of C or C ++. 
  • No backup feature provided

3. C

C is a popular, easy and bendy pc programming language. Dennis M. Ritchie designed it in 1972 at AT and T. 

It is a combination of a low-level programming language and a high-level programming language.

It is used to broaden programs consisting of a textual content editor. , Compilers, networking gadgets and greater.


  • C is simple to examine. 
  • It is fast, green, transportable, extensible, effective and bendy programming language
  • Used to carry out complicated calculations and operations consisting of MATLAB. 
  • Provide dynamic reminiscence allocation for reminiscence allocation at runtime.


  • It could be very hard to locate mistakes withinside the C programming language. 
  • C does now no longer guide the ideas of constructor, destructor, abstraction, polymorphism, encapsulation, and namespaces as OOPs.

4. C++

C ++ is one of the heaps of programming languages we use for software program development. The C ++ programming language turned into advanced through Bjarne Stroustrup in 1980. It is just like the C programming language, however additionally consists of a few extra capabilities like exception handling, item orientated programming, validation style, etc.


  • C ++ is a easy and transportable dependent programming language
  • Supports OOP capabilities consisting of abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation. 
  • Provides a high-degree abstraction, beneficial for low-degree programming languages, and greater green for standard purposes. 
  • C ++ is greater likeminded with the C language.


  • The C ++ programming language isn’t steady as compared to different programming languages consisting of Java or Python. 
  • C ++ does now no longer guide rubbish collection. 
  • Difficult to debug big and complicated internet programs.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript is a kind of scripting language this is used each client-aspect and server-aspect. It turned into advanced withinside the Nineties for the Netscape Navigator internet browser. It lets in programmers to carry out complicated capabilities to convey internet pages to life. Help programmers construct dynamic web sites, servers, cellular apps, dynamic graphics, games, and greater.


  • JavaScript facilitates us upload conduct and interactivity to internet pages. 
  • It may be used to lessen the down load time from the server. 
  • Ability to create attractive, dynamic and rich-searching internet pages. 
  • JavaScript is a easy, bendy and light-weight programming language
  • JavaScript and its syntax are clean to understand.


  • JavaScript is absolutely browser primarily based totally. 
  • It does now no longer be given more than one inheritance. 
  • It is much less steady than different programming languages.

6. PHP

PHP is a Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a effective open supply server-aspect programming language this is particularly used for constructing each static and dynamic web sites. It turned into advanced through Rasmus Laird in 1994. In personal home page, we also can code HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The .personal home page record extension is used to shop the personal home page record.


  • PHP is a more secure and less difficult to apply programming language
  • Powerful on-line library guide. 
  • Can run on numerous running structures consisting of Windows, Linux and Mac. 
  • Provides top notch compatibility with cloud services.


  • PHP cannot take care of a big wide variety of programs and isn’t appropriate for big programs. 
  • Quite hard to maintain.
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