How to Create Custom Retail Packaging That Stands Out

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Custom Retail Packaging

Effective retail packaging is essential for any product hoping to break into the mainstream. Bright colors, eye-catching designs, and innovative material combinations are just some of the ways companies can use retail boxes wholesale to grab consumers’ attention. But how exactly should you go about creating custom retail packaging? We’ve looked at some of the most effective examples out there and delved into the psychology behind them.

1. How To Design Custom Retail Packaging That Stands Out

2. Get The Right Materials for Your Product

3. Make Sure Your Retail Packaging is Easy to Open

4. Use Eye-Catching Designs to Sell Your Product

5. Send the Right Message with Unique Retail Packaging

1. How to Design Custom Retail Packaging That Stands Out

Hi! I’m Annette. I’m a graphic designer with a passion for bringing brands to life. I’m here to tell you that retail packaging design is more than just a pretty box. It’s your chance to shine and put your brand on the map. Retail packaging design needs to be more than just a pretty box. We’ve got eight steps to taking a fresh approach to your retail packaging, and hopefully, when you complete these steps, the work will create a collection of retail boxes that will help increase your business.

Background to retail packaging design

Those customers who visit your website aren’t the only people who will be seeing your design. Your design will have been seen by hundreds if not thousands of people, people who may have the opportunity to use your products. A good way to visualize a number of people viewing your custom product is to imagine using only half of one’s image, say stick figure characters (or two stick figure characters). The audience size is half. If you go bigger, it starts to look like you’re trying to sell to a larger group. Show me that screenshot again but zoom in on each illustration to see population size.

2. Get the Right Materials for Your Product

The material that you choose for your product is extremely important. For example, if you’re developing a new type of shoe, the choice of material is crucial because it will dictate how the shoe looks, feels and performs. If you’re developing a dinnerware table set, the material you choose will determine how sturdy and held together it would be.

A good case in point is the popular “standing” dining table. Many people just use small-particle foam in place of traditional veneer in an attempt to make the overall look paler. This typically leads to the table looking fairly cheap and dated, with the foam standing out as much as it does from the tabletop.

Another example is stainless steel countertops. This popular material sits flat on the surface without having to be taken up by any deep, flat-lying parts, so it looks great on any type of surface. If for some reason, your customers moved the table or stacked the items on top of one another, it would not significantly impact usability as the surface never pokes into the table.

As much as possible, when creating your custom retail packaging, be as objective as possible. At the end of the day, you want things to be completely brand- uniquely hyphenated, regardless of the fact that this is far less likely to happen than you’d guess.

There are certainly some differences to consider, but the most important thing to remember is that you’re creating a custom shopping experience, just like any other, whether that’s at your local department store or at your dinner party.

3. Make Sure Your Retail Packaging is Easy to Open

The goal of any packaging is to get the product from the store to the consumer in the best possible condition. As a consumer, I’m always frustrated when I have to wrestle with the packaging to get the product out, especially when it’s a product that I’ve used before, and I know that I can get it out without a struggle. Here are a few examples of retailers using clever packaging to get their product to the consumer in the most painless and effective way possible.

The ‘Dry Clean Only’ Box

Not all retailers are retail stores by any means. And there’s a beautifully simple way to go about creating a custom retail box that removes any need for customers to worry about having their product ‘dried clean’ — the customer simply picks out the bare essentials and puts them back in the box for the next customer. After a dry run to make sure you’re not getting any loose threads when removing the box from the manufacturer and a chance for those who are blind to spotting any, you are ready to hit the market.

The customer behind ‘The Dry Clean Only Box’ isn’t likely to find a box that matches their size, color, or condition; however, most retailers don’t want their customers worrying about getting their product clean. A perfectly simple solution is to simply assign the custom box number to the number on the outside of the box. This way, the number on the outside of the box acts as a reminder to the customer to always wash their hands before removing the product from the store.

4. Use Eye-Catching Designs to Sell Your Product

To make your product stand out on the shelf, you have to design it in a visible and engaging way. If people don’t notice what they see, then there is no hope of them purchasing or using that object. When you’re designing your website or packaging, the goal is to make your product stand out on the shelf. If you want people to notice it, then a design should be noticeable.

5. Send the Right Message with Unique Retail Packaging

Retail packaging is often the first thing customers notice about your product. It’s important that your packaging stands out and that it represents your brand, but it’s also important that it doesn’t cost more than the product itself. If your product is inexpensive, don’t spend too much on your packaging. If your offer is absurd and the price of the discount is justified, use a more prominent font.


If you want your product to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you need to make sure your retail packaging is effective and well-designed. In conclusion, if you want to get the best custom retail boxes wholesale from packaging printing companies, it is important that you consider all of these points. 

You should have a strong understanding of your target audience and what they are looking for in terms of visual cues so that when designing your box, you can incorporate those elements into its design. This will help ensure that your customers take notice and find the product appealing enough to purchase. 

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